October 8, 2016

Our Story

Once upon a time on a cold winter's night way back in 2012, our bride-to-be was just finishing up work in our nation's capital. After a pretty intensive text campaign, she had been convinced (some might say bullied) by her friends to spend her Tuesday evening at Finn & Porter attending a speed dating event. She was a bit skeptical, but the phrase "I got a Groupon" appealed to her practical side!


Little did she know that only a few miles away in Bethesda, MD, our groom-to-be had received a similar message from his good friend (brother, partner in crime, other half) Amit. It went something like, "Dude, Pros in the City is having this event over at Finn & Porter inside the Embassy Suites. You should totally plan your day so you finish up there on Tuesday. Seriously man, go check it out!"


Fast forward a few hours and our groom-to-be sat down in front of our bride-to-be with one winning question that set him apart from the crowd: "What are your top three pet peeves?" 


So began a friendship that blossomed into an epic romance...


On July 16th, 2015 Amol took the plunge and asked Cari for her hand in marriage. On the bridge where they shared their first kiss in Georgetown, with John Legend playing in the background, she cried happy tears and said "Yes, of course!"


And now, Cari & Amol would love nothing more than for you to join them on October 8th, 2016 in Greensboro, NC when they start the next chapter in their story by saying "I do!"